How Canada Deals with Restraint of Trade and Monopolistic Behaviour: A Competition Law Primer

April 8, 2019

Michael Kilby and Michael Rosenstock, who practise in our Competition and Foreign Investment Group, recently published the Canadian chapter of Practical Law Company’s Global Guide 2018: Competition. This Q&A-style publication provides a useful overview of a complex area of law on which we are often asked to advise Canadian, U.S. and international companies.

Their discussion addresses many important issues, including the following:

  • How the Competition Act regulates restrictive agreements and practices
  • How the investigation process typically works
  • Exemptions, exclusions and defences
  • Notification periods
  • Ability of third parties to make representations and claim damages
  • Confidentiality issues arising from investigations
  • Consent agreements and other issues relating to settlements
  • Penalties, enforcement and appeal rights
  • Monopolies and abuse of dominance (including many issues similar to the above)
  • Joint ventures under Canadian competition law
  • Inter-agency cooperation
  • Recent cases and trends

We are pleased to be able to make this PLC publication available for downloading.

DISCLAIMER: This publication is intended to convey general information about legal issues and developments as of the indicated date. It does not constitute legal advice and must not be treated or relied on as such. Please read our full disclaimer at

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