Jeffrey Singer discusses Canadian M&A activity during a pandemic on BNN Bloomberg

April 6, 2020
Toronto Managing Partner Jeffrey Singer spoke with Bloomberg Markets about Canadian M&A market activity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jeffrey described the current climate in M&A as active across the board, as there remains significant access to capital though private and public debt markets. However, he noted that some deals are in trouble and businesses are in need of solutions to execute strategic, and in some cases, once-in-a-generation type of transactions.

When asked whether there could be a rise in the number of opportunistic deals, Jeffrey said “we’re seeing two buckets of M&A activity, one of them being opportunistic and the other being companies that are using this opportunity to recapitalize and bolster their balance sheets.”

In an appearance on Bloomberg Markets in January, Jeffrey described the Canadian M&A market as being positioned for more deals in 2020, backed by an increase in capital flowing into private equity.

“That is how private equity is entering into this next phase,” said Jeffrey. “We are seeing a lot of opportunities here for business solutions, and we are in the business of solutions.”

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