Efficiency & Project Management

Focusing on efficiency & project management puts clients first

Prioritizing client needs drives our pursuit of quality, creativity and of course, efficiency. With Stikeman Elliott, clients can expect solutions and results that make the best use of their time and investment. A smooth and efficient working relationship is critical to our becoming productive partners in your success.

This commitment to efficiency and project management provides:

  • Resilient, strong teams that have all of the expertise required, but are never bigger than they need to be.
  • Cost effectiveness with a focus on value.
  • Project leadership that is practical and flexible to achieve our client's objectives. 

The Legal Project LifeSEycle

A proven and tailored methodology – called the Legal Project LifeSEycle – provides our lawyers with a framework of the activities, skills, tools and resources for each stage of a file to ensure it runs smoothly and effectively from start to finish. Key aspects of the methodology include scoping the work to select the right team for the file, using the right planning tools for the client’s needs, and emphasizing communication at every stage.

Enhanced project management skills

Given the nature of our work and our ability to get things done, our lawyers excel at developing options and strategies, planning, managing tasks and timelines, and addressing changes throughout the file. In order to ensure project management expertise at all stages of a file, we provide ongoing project management training, constantly reinforcing the importance of project management on each and every file.

Leveraging expertise and knowledge

Our in-depth understanding of business law allows us to quickly and accurately assess our clients' legal issues. Clients benefit as time is spent on solving problems rather than identifying them. We have invested in a dedicated Knowledge Management team, tool kits for many matter types, KM technology systems and a unique collection of internal knowledge resources that enable us to be better and more efficient lawyers.