Why Stikeman Elliott

Reach your full potential with Stikeman Elliott Toronto

As an established Bay Street firm in Canada’s business and financial capital, our office sits in the heart of all the action. Our lawyers are proud to work at a top-tier corporate law firm that is recognized as an industry leader by survey rankings, clients and competitors. Accordingly, we have been awarded “Law Firm of the Year” by Best Lawyers in Canada, “Canada M&A Law Firm of the Year” by the M&S Atlas Awards, “Class Actions Law Firm of the Year” by Best Lawyers and other noteworthy accolades. You’ll find that working alongside our talented lawyers will influence your career path for years to come.

Our student program attracts smart and passionate people who are excited by the legal challenges posed by high-profile deals, cross-border transactions and precedent-setting litigation files. Our flexible program is centred around skills development and exploring areas of interest, so that you can make an informed choice about your future area of practice. We cover global interests through offices in all major cities in Canada, as well as London, New York and Sydney. We also have significant reach and influence in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

Firm culture

The welcoming atmosphere of our office makes it feel smaller and more personal than you might expect. As a student, you will be welcomed into the fabric of the firm by your team members and experience a culture that is friendly and open. Our team-centred approach supports the absence of unnecessary bureaucracy, which means our students and lawyers regularly collaborate with lawyers from various practice groups across the firm. You’ll find that a sense of collegiality and comradery among colleagues is a tangible part of our culture that extends beyond practice groups and offices.

Knowledge management

We make significant investments in modernizing the way our lawyers gain access to the intellectual capital that informs their decision-making. Our dedicated Knowledge Management (KM) Group consolidates the insights of lawyers and deal teams to develop valuable legal content for STELLA KM, our leading enterprise search platform. STELLA KM is a critical tool that is available at our lawyers’ fingertips to efficiently research and access the right information. It is also used to access our KM collection, which includes closing books, precedents, research, matters and publications organized by practice group, legal topic, industry and context.

Legal technology tools

We employ a variety of leading legal technology tools to streamline the delivery of our legal services. These tools support all aspects of corporate transactions and relate to closing management, artificial intelligence (AI) assisted contract analysis and due diligence, agreement review and proofreading, and document automation. We have also invested in tools that reduce human error by automating precedents, reviewing corporate documents and analyzing large quantities of electronically stored information in the context of litigation.

We use e-Discovery and legal research tools that are supported by AI in the context of our advocacy work. In our advisory practices, we also employ tools that are also supported by AI and data driven analysis, as well as expert systems that enable us to develop apps that automate legal decision trees and respond to discrete issues. We continuously monitor new technologies and methodologies to identify those that best support our practices.