Student Experience

A personalized approach

Discover what you do best

Stikeman Elliott’s flexible student program is all about developing your skills. We provide the opportunity to explore areas that interest you so that you can find your passion and make an informed choice about your future area of practice.

Work assignments are not funnelled through a central administrator – instead, we believe in giving you the freedom to explore the different practice areas and work on files that specifically interest you, while being supported by the student program team and your mentors. Your work comes from a variety of sources – mentors, other lawyers or general work requests. Students submit their work lists on a weekly basis to the student program team, who works with you to achieve a balanced workload and maintains an online "Who’s Available" list that lawyers can refer to when seeking student assistance.

Our articling program offers two broad rotations: LETREC (Litigation/Employment/Tax/Real Estate/Competition) and Corporate. Students can decide to focus more time in one rotation over the other and can customize their program within each rotation by choosing to sample a broad range of practice areas or focusing on a small number of practices of interest. For example, if you are particularly interested in real estate, you can elect to start your articling year in the LETREC rotation and we would assign you at least one mentor in that area and place you in an office on the real estate floor.

The summer program does not impose a formal rotation schedule on students. If there is a particular area of interest that you would like to focus on during the summer, we will pair you with one or more mentors who specialize in that practice area.

We won’t hold you back

Our belief in the need to continually stretch one’s abilities is so strong that we wrote it into the firm’s core values. Once you’ve reached a goal, you won’t plateau or rest on any laurels. Instead, as you gain experience, you will be exposed to new challenges that will further develop your skills.

Get the most true-to-life experience of legal practice possible

A solid grounding in legal theory and precedent is certainly critical to your success but nothing beats hands-on experience. As a student, you will be given real responsibilities for actual client matters. You will also have the option of gaining valuable client-side experience through our articling student secondment program.

You will typically work alongside and learn from lawyers in small team settings. Our students make meaningful contributions to our work, so you will be included in discussions and your opinion will be heard.