Meet our Students

Students are the best ambassadors for the Stikeman Elliott experience. Feel free to contact any current student to ask questions about the Toronto office and to learn more about whether Stikeman Elliott is the right firm for you.

2019/2020 Articling Students

2020/2021 Articling Students

  • Holly Anderson (Queen's University)
  • Spencer Abraham (Queen's University)
  • Michael Bruno (Osgoode Hall Law School)
  • Tully Cogswell (University of Windsor)
  • Sagar Darar (Western University)
  • Amir Farahani (Queen's University)
  • Ian Gilliland (Queen's University)
  • Shreeya Handa (University of Toronto)
  • Michelle Ho (Osgoode Hall Law School)
  • Anthony Iafrate (University of Toronto)
  • Gavin Inkster (University of Ottawa)
  • Anthony Mahler (University of Toronto)
  • Nigel Masenda (Queen's University)
  • Ryan McGillivray (Western University)
  • Hamza Mohamadhossen (McGill University)
  • Amy Morassutti (Western University)
  • William Quaglietta (Queen's University)
  • Ashley Ramnaraine (Osgoode Hall Law School)
  • Samantha Ramsay (Queen's University)
  • Josh Rosenbaum (Western University)
  • Helena Song (University of Toronto)
  • Chris Sullivan (Queen's University)
  • Jonathan Tse (Western University)
  • Jamil Visram (University of Toronto)
  • Hesam Wafaei (University of Toronto)

2020 Summer Students

  • Frank Bozzo (Western University)
  • Ben Buckler (University of Toronto)
  • Jorge Caicedo (McGill University)
  • Joie Chow (University of Toronto)
  • Warren Ferguson (Queen's University)
  • Melody Gateretse (Osgoode Hall Law School)
  • Talia Huculak (McGill University)
  • Ryan Johnson (Queen's University)
  • Hannah Kurchik (University of Windsor)
  • Bradley MacKay (Osgoode Hall Law School)
  • Sarah Moore (Queen’s University)
  • Taisa Morsky (Western University)
  • David Morson (Queen’s University)
  • Natacha Ngo (McGill University)
  • Anthony Rizzo (Osgoode Hall Law School)
  • Jillian Skinner (University of Ottawa)
  • Eric Turner (Osgoode Hall Law School)
  • Krista Yip-Chuck (Western University)
  • Linda Zhang (McGill University)