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We encourage you to reach out to any of our current students or lawyers to find out more about the student experience in our Toronto office - they will be happy to chat with you.

2020/2021 Articling Students

2021/2022 Articling Students

  • Frank Bozzo (Western University)
  • Ben Buckler (University of Toronto)
  • Jorge Caicedo (McGill University)
  • Joie Chow (University of Toronto)
  • Warren Ferguson (Queen's University)
  • Melody Gateretse (Osgoode Hall Law School)
  • Talia Huculak (McGill University)
  • Ryan Johnson (Queen's University)
  • Hannah Kurchik (University of Windsor)
  • Bradley MacKay (Osgoode Hall Law School)
  • Sarah Moore (Queen’s University)
  • Taisa Morsky (Western University)
  • David Morson (Queen’s University)
  • Natacha Ngo(McGill University)
  • Anthony Rizzo (Osgoode Hall Law School)
  • Jillian Skinner (University of Ottawa)
  • Eric Turner (Osgoode Hall Law School)
  • Krista Yip-Chuck (Western University)
  • Linda Zhang (McGill University)