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Welcome to Stikeman Elliott Calgary

A message from our Recruiting Committee

We have successfully completed our 2L summer student recruitment process. Thank you to all students who applied.

The 1L summer student recruitment process will begin in January 2021. Please refer to our How to Apply page for details.

Visit our Virtual Recruitment page for all of the information and tips you will need as you prepare.

Although the process will take place remotely and be unlike any other in our history, rest assured that our Recruiting Committee and Professional Resources Team has spared no effort to offer you the full and unabridged Stikeman Elliott experience.

Throughout this interesting time, we have all been working from home since March. Thanks to the colossal efforts and the impressive innovation system deployed by the different stakeholders of the firm, we have succeeded in moving to a 100% virtual environment in a relatively short time while continuing to serve our clients, both at the external than internal levels. All of our lawyers are have transitioned smoothly to providing excellent service to our client remotely. Similarly, our Summer Student and Articling Student programs have adapted remarkably well to maintain great work and experience as well as opportunities to have some fun!

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Meaghan Simister

"One of the most surprising things about the summer student experience is the exposure to several different practice areas."

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"You can really cater your work to your interests, as there is no formal rotation. The amount of exposure to some of Canada’s best lawyers also provides a tremendous opportunity to learn about a variety of practice areas you perhaps may not have been drawn to initially. I found that going back to law school in the fall, I was better prepared for certain classes and even registered in classes that I had fostered new interests in through my work as a summer student."
Meaghan Albrecht
Conrad Gibbs

"Working as a student in the Calgary office is an exceptional experience. I gained exposure to numerous practice areas and developed my legal acumen under the guidance of highly-talented lawyers."

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"Since no formal rotation is in place, I pursued assignments and connected with lawyers in the practice areas that I found the most interesting. For students seeking to advance their legal skills to the greatest extent possible, Stikeman Elliott is the place to start your career. The firm offers top-quality work at an early stage, a team of lawyers who entrust you with meaningful responsibility, and the support and resources to ensure you succeed. The experience challenged me, and I found it very rewarding.”

Conrad Gibbs